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Many of the works shown on this website are available for sale.

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‚ÄčWelcome to DPArts.  With this website I am attempting to catalogue as many of my paintings as possible. What is here now represents only a very small sampling of the works that have been photographed, and still there are so many yet to be photographed.  I have begun by showing examples from many different series, reaching as far back to 1973......so far.

I am working to increase the breadth and depth of the selections, and to provide more information, and high resolution images for each. 

Whorl           acrylic on birchwood panel          30" x 40"

Abstract paintings & Landscape paintings, since 1970.

Rosean          acrylic on birchwood panel           14"x14"

After 30 years painting mainly from the landscape, I shifted my focus almost exclusively to abstract painting, around the year 2000.

The abstract paintings fall into distinct thematic categories, each represents a series of related works, all running concurrently. 

In the 1970's I painted mostly oils "en plein air" directly from the landscape outdoors, at all hours, and in every kind of weather.

During the early 1980's my work underwent a gradual transition to a more studio effort, and to the medium of acrylic.

From 1985 to 1997 my emphasis was on the Sonoran DesertWorks, and other southwestern themes, mainly in acrylic on canvas.

Somewhere between 1997 and 2000 my work broke from the landscape and into pure abstraction, beginning with the ovoids.          -----David

David Pontbriand Paintings 

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